Course of the Month

*All Images are examples of the past.

Our Signature Course with Premium shabu A5 Grade Kuroge Wagyu.

◆Course of January◆

Appetizer/Sushi of Pikkled SkipJack Tuna with Sekigahara Shoyu.
Sashimi/ Red Snapper Sashimi and Bamboo Shoot.
Steamed Dish/ Foie Gras Sauce and Truffle Chawan-Mushi.
Grilled Dish/ Grilled Spanish Mackerel with Crab and Bassica think starchy suace.
Arranged Bawl/ Grileed oyster with two colored Miso.
Main/ Shabu shabu set

*You can choose Shabu meat.
[A5 Grade Sendai Kuroge Wagyu]  3,500B
[A5 Grade Matsuzaka Sirloin] 4,500B
[Hokkaido Tokachi Herb Gyu] 3,000B
[Bellota Iberico Pork] 3,200B

Noodle: Kishimen Udon Noodle
Dessert: Soda float of Amaou Strawberry

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